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New Work  please come back to this page to see the latest images that I've created...



A 120 x 90cms image which harks back to my earlier, more realistic style of painting but I hope with more freedom of expression in the way the marks are made.  This is for sale at £750.00 

City Lights.jpg



One of my more abstract pieces created on a large (80cms x 137cm) box canvas  by applying a thick gesso base onto which acrylic paint was applied with brushes, palette knives ...and even bottle tops dipped into paint to produce my interpretation of the vibrancy of a city at night.


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Another quite large image - this time 82cms square. The more subtle tones in this piece were created by layering washes of acrylic paint before highlighting the reflections of the light from

the watery moon in titanium white paint applied with a palette knife. Parts of the jetty and the warehouse building and land in the distance contain lots of tiny pieces of collaged lettering to create the textured, weathered effect. 


Low Tide at Dusk Mixed media image for sale

For details of how to purchase these or any other pieces of my art works - or to commission a piece uniquely for you, please send a message to me on my 'contact' page...


Inspired by the work of American artist Richard Diebenkorn, I've started taking a different view on industrial landscapes. Here I have imagined the view from a building opposite this abandoned warehouse across to the estuary in the far distance...


Two tabby cats  - a painting in gouache & watercolour


Our cats - a recent present for my wife who  although she likes (most) of my work she'd really like is a picture of her two darlings! It was produced using gouache, watercolour & pastels is not for sale but I've put it here to show that I can do other types of painting!


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