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I've spent a long career as a graphic designer working in England & the USA in advertising, marketing & publishing and for the last decade have been developing my 'fine'art ...

I've lived in Leeds, West Yorkshire for many years but recently I've been mainly influenced by my 'roots' in the North East of England - I was born and raised near Middlesbrough & still vividly remember the steel works, and cycle rides to the estuary of the River Tees just a few miles away from home.

In 2017 I took part in the Sky Arts TV channel's 'Landscape Artist of the Year' competition back home & had just a few hours to produce an image of those same steel works( now mainly closed) & the wide river mouth...

Using a background of a torn up local newspaper I painted the scene before me and created the line of steel works with tiny pieces of newsprint, magazine images & dabs of paint

Tony Driver 'South Gare Paddy's Hole' Mi

It was a a great experience, I received some  very positive comments from the judges...

but I didn't get chosen to go any further!

However, the experience led me to pursue

the possibilities of combining mixed

media to develop more semi realistic and abstract images - many of which can be

found on my gallery pages.


The inspiration for much of my current work...


Yes, that's me... on the TV !

about me

where I work

I'm lucky enough to 'commute' in seconds to my studio & office at the end of my garden in Leeds in West Yorkshire in the North of England.

This is great on a cold, wet morning, but it's also a big temptation to go down late in the evening - "just to tweak that part of the painting I've been thinking about..." and return in the small hours having become engrossed in the creative process again! 

I like to open my studio once a year for an Open Weekend 

Visitors are always welcome though so if you want to come and have a look and a chatwhy not get in touch?


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